The Future of Urban Forestry

Improving the human habitat by promoting backyard Ecology.

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What Is An Urban Forester? PDF Print E-mail

Wikipedia defines the practice of Urban foresty as the care and management of urban forests, i.e., tree populations in urban settings for the purpose of improving the urban environment. Urban forestry advocates the role of trees as a critical part of the urban infrastructure. Urban foresters plant and maintain trees, support appropriate tree and forest preservation, conduct research and promote the many benefits trees provide.  Urban forestry is practiced by municipal and commercial arborists, municipal and utility foresters, environmental policymakers, city planners, consultants, educators, researchers and community activists.

International Society of Arboriculture PDF Print E-mail


To find a qualified certified arborist in your area,  visit ISA (International Society of Arboriculture)
Or to verify the certification of an arborist visit ISA's Find An Arborist.

My certification number is MI-3963A.  I am based in Commerce Twp, MI 48382.  Look me up!  I'm proud of my certification :)

Dawn Hughes

Michigan Certified Nurseryman PDF Print E-mail


I am proud to be a member of Michigan Certified Nurseryman (MCN#1708).

To learn what it means to be a Michigan Certifed Nurseryman (MCN), visit here.  It is administered by the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association or MNLA.

What does it mean to be a Master Gardener? PDF Print E-mail

Master Gardener

"The Master in Master Gardener does not mean that you know everything about gardening. It means you VOLUNTEER your time."  Helping People Grow by Mary Mclellen, Michigan State Master Gardener Coordinator.
I'm an Advanced Master Gardener which means I have achieved over and above basic volunteer and continuing educaton credit requirements.