Dawn Hughes, CA, CGIP, OWQ - Owner
Dawn Hughes, CA, CGIP, OWQ - Owner

Urban Arbor Care has been serving the tree care industry for over a decade and specializes in fruit tree rejuvenation pruning and care; holistic and organic care of trees from soil to canopy; root pruning and rejuvenation of stressed trees. Dawn Hughes, Owner and Certified Arborist has over twenty years working in many different facets of the green industry.

Dawn is a mentor and trainer of aspiring arborists and gardeners of all ages. She holds associates degrees in applied science landscape horticulture, and small business management. Her professional accreditations include: 

After completing her plant health care apprenticeship while working as a diagnostic technician at the MSU plant and pest help desk, Dawn was inspired to create her business of helping tree owners in their landscapes.  She wanted to share how powerful bringing hands-on love and science can improve and heal our urban trees and communities.

Urban Arbor Care’s work is with the purpose of establishing and nurturing healthy urban landscapes, integrated with native plants and organic edible fruit. The right tree in the right place gives back, adding value from the moment it is planted. Dawn believes that we can contribute to the greater health and vitality of our society simply by planting or caring for an urban tree in our own backyard.

About UAC

Urban Arbor Care helps heal urban forestry with a hands-on love approach along with the latest science and holistic techniques.