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Understanding PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Tuesday, 05 January 2010 20:22

The last few leaves still clinging on,tightly won't let go.† Refusing to surrender,fighting with the snow.† Most eventually release, guided by wind more than gravity.† One by one.† Lonely.† Those who stayed endured -the roughest part of life.† Winter battle won.† Will too, be pushed on, by the new growth below.† Who won?† Early on almost all went with the crowd.† Avoiding the harshest time of the year.† Snuggled together with kin.† Nestled under; however surrounded by darkness, helplessly feeling fear.† Persistance allows -at least 90 rises of the sun.† Silent witness of new life.† Feeling it from somewhere deep within, before gently letting go,† Understanding satisfaction.

Chicken Poem PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Monday, 04 January 2010 17:09

Understanding trees has become a catalyst to amazing discovery

and new guestions to ask of nature.

Knowledge foundation applied, which can conquer the world.

Resource allocation attests to foliage as much as it does fowl.

A tree cannot heal, grow or reproduce if its using all the energy to just hang in there.

No less the barren hen who shivers in the cold with no full belly.

Sure we can survive but is that enough to live?†

The chickens have gifts to give us in return for ours.

Leave Them to Grow PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Tuesday, 01 September 2009 23:05

Skipper Butterfly on AgastacheEven if every single flower is picked.†

The organism lives on and can still grow strong.

But take away flowers and you take away fruit.†

This is the way to the end.

Not every blossom should be picked.

Leave most of them to grow.†

Some to Bloom again.

If you have patience, faith and strength,

You can capably wait.

Too early, unripe- not hardly enjoyed.

Full potential never known.

But it wasn't then ready.

Not the time to start.

Temptation is only because of what we hope.

No reason why it won't

be there ripe at the vine.

We have nurtured it and

given it the power to grow.

The reward is in the successful journey.

It will be because we made it so.

Self Inflicted PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Sunday, 09 August 2009 21:57

Oak regeneration after fireSuffering is Self Inflicted

The shearest form of hurt.
If it's all we've ever known;
It is what we've learned.

To change its course is a conscience effort
which takes constant vigor.
Although I won't say it's without pain,
All it is, is resistance to change,

And suffering is Self Inflicted.

My Health Falters PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Thursday, 23 July 2009 20:56

This puppy didn't give up

As I falter,

The reality is there

that the journey has an end.

I know very few†who were prepared,

whether planned or condemned.

Without speaking of money or estates.

Not with fortune, not with fame.

Do you know who you are?

Have you found your spark?

Can you say without a doubt?

Who you always wanted to be is who you are?

Every time you look in the mirror?

I think and my answer is yes.

Astounding and proud.

But does that make me any more ready to go?

So much in life to look forward to.

So many answers waiting to be found.

My little one;

Trees, chickens, dogs.

Flowers I havenít yet seen bloom.

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