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Written by Dawn   
Tuesday, 01 September 2009 23:05

Skipper Butterfly on AgastacheEven if every single flower is picked. 

The organism lives on and can still grow strong.

But take away flowers and you take away fruit. 

This is the way to the end.

Not every blossom should be picked.

Leave most of them to grow. 

Some to Bloom again.

If you have patience, faith and strength,

You can capably wait.

Too early, unripe- not hardly enjoyed.

Full potential never known.

But it wasn't then ready.

Not the time to start.

Temptation is only because of what we hope.

No reason why it won't

be there ripe at the vine.

We have nurtured it and

given it the power to grow.

The reward is in the successful journey.

It will be because we made it so.