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Made of this Earth PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Thursday, 02 April 2009 15:56

Yellow Crocus in the SnowThe sands of time,
although they flow.
The future is uncertain. 
Will it melt like snow? 

Falling from the boughs a high.
Where will the little leaf go? 
It knows not where it will land
but its not troubled so.
And once it lands where it will. 
No tear is ever shed.
Because it is made of this Earth
and home is where it rests.

The world will be better PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Sunday, 29 March 2009 14:33

Even on a bad day, I know I'm getting stronger, healing, growing, learning.  A new. 

I'm getting ready to plant the first seeds in my garden.  Which surely will yield fruit. 

In time all things heal.  But only if we let them.  Even the happiest pea won't grow without what it needs. 

My days are good.  Because I want them to be. 

The sun is my shadow. The little seeds grow. 

But they always remember, how tender from where they came.  Although the rain is cold, growth is what it brings. 

Little flowers bloom and nesting birds sing. 

My friendships bring smiles.  to have such support is what drives me along. 

this world will be better and this I know.  Cuz each one I touch is a count towards that goal.

Warmth of Trees PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Saturday, 28 March 2009 19:23

The Silent whisper of the leaves.

The energy flow that comes from trees.

Is always home, so warm to me.

I see the silence.
I hear the light.

They call to me,
when I lay up at night.

The longing of that strong warm touch. 
Desired. So much.

I reach and from within,
I know I feel the tree. 

Skin to skin.

Live with Love PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Wednesday, 25 March 2009 21:52

Evan in wonderI haven't been blogging much and I'm coming to the realization that Spring really is here!  And it 's beautiful and I'm busy!  I thought when I said goodbye to my business relationship in 2008 that I would be left holding an empty bag.  I was afraid.  I was afraid to fail.  That first step out into uncertain terrain - when you're not sure if the ground is solid or quicksand.  It's always scary.  But don't we almost always look back later and wonder, What was I so worried about again?  Because even if it was quicksand - well, there are helping hands held out all around us - there to pull us back on our feet.  True kindness.  Sometimes it's a hand you were never expecting.  Like a warm glow from a friend you didn't know you had.  Only, they had been there all along.  Thank you friends!

So I start a new chapter in life.  I resisted it and fought it.  What a silly thing to do.  I've been through so much, how much more can I take?   A whole lot apparently :)  I'm still hesistant at times and I'm not always feeling the most positive, but I can't complain!  Why stare at a half empty glass when you can be out doing shots?  I love life, I love living and I deserve to live with love.  Go be happy.

Spring is here! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Thursday, 19 March 2009 15:45

Spring is here and with it comes hope.
pe for renewal. 

Cool rains with warm breezes. 
Skies and trees full of songs of joy.  Spring Chickies

Peeking out from burnt sienna ground, the tough but dainty crocus blooms. 
Here we see, the promise of love, ever lasting. 

Beginnings to end those endless endings.
The season soon to pass, so long. 

The radiating heat feels good upon my brow. 
My cheeks are rosy red, but warm. 

I put on my shades and smile back at the sun.
Shine on.


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