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So it is possible PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Tuesday, 17 March 2009 19:48

I feel so sad today.† I'm struggling with my thoughts - so wrapped up.† My head and heart everything is in one basket, which is terrifying.†
It's going to be ok.† It's going to be ok.†

This afternoon I went to my place of solitude.† Quiet commune with nature. I sat in an old Swamp White Oak, with massive low spreading branches.† I read a book on Lichens of the Northwoods.† The branch was pillowed in soft green moss and adorned with the lovely lichens I was reading about.†

The sun was setting - orange, pink and then violet.† Beautiful, yet it still sets alone.

I went to my doctor today.† She explained why I am having numbness in my hand and fingers.† And not to be surprised if my back pain is worse due to the inflammation from today's adjustment.† Ah, yup, sure enough. Darn.† She wrote my restrictions.† No Climbing, no use of equipment, no lifting over 15 lbs.†NO†CLIMBING!†Sure, that's pretty much my work, my passion, my love, my life.† 6 months! 8/18/09.† That's about 5 weeks before the climbing competition. So, it is still possible!

I'm revisiting this post as the year anniversary of my car accident approaches.† In my first writing, I thought I'd be climbing by now.† Things change - and sometimes they don't.

Singing Trees PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Friday, 06 March 2009 22:26

BeechtreeWhat is more harmonic†than the symphony of the trees?

A gentle breath of pure clean air.† Whistles in the leaves.

The creaking sound of touching limbs.† Rubbing in the breeze.

Make me smile like†no one else can.† Please†let nature sing.†

The not so quiet notes of nothing there.† A simple melody.

Chickadee PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Monday, 02 March 2009 13:40

ChickadeeI enjoy birds.
They sing, they love, they live.

The rain pours down and still they dance;
As if it's with a joy.

To hear them now;
In the background of the rain -
makes the song sound clear.

I think they're pretty.
Its a bird's life for me.
May as well be the one who loves life most.†

My faith in human nature PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Friday, 27 February 2009 20:40

Frittilary ButterflyMy faith in human nature has been purified.† I will be driving my new Forester home tomorrow. I am overjoyed. I miss my Acura and I know I always will, but I am ready for this next chapter. Because my life is reinventing itself. This feels really, really good. Itís funny how we can be so resistant to change because itís easier. If we can take those leaps and hit the ground running, we will win the marathon. This path, although it has been one of great loss and sorrow, is my destiny. I chose to embrace it. Itís like being afraid to take that first uncertain leap, but then feeling so ecstatic for having done it. Driving me on to walk up that ladder. My comfort in times likes these Ė "each other", has been my shining star. Everyone I have had interacted with in relation to this accident has been a pleasure! I believe strongly in the presence of an inner energy. I have felt it with the trees, so I know it must exist in us too. I walk forward with my head up; a† smile,†a†handshake, a joke and confidence. What I give out is returned and multiplied. We should all try it!

The Phoenix PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Wednesday, 25 February 2009 23:19

Beech Forest RegenerationThey say, to know joy, one must know sorrow.†

Iím allowing myself to feel this sadness.† Let it come over me and cleanse my soul.† Good bye to Acura, I fare thee well.† The title has been signedÖ the release forms completed and the checkÖ well, itís in the mail.† I saw her one last time today.† Sat down and sobbed with her.† To the ending of an era Ė a piece tied to an identity that has evolved.† The me, the who I am, the I was and always will be.† The potential.† The piece - one of comfort and stability.† It was far more than a car.† It was faith and trust and independence. †An old friend.† A lesson. Growth is not always easy and it is not always obvious.† It comes disguised in many forms. This is Phoenix.

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