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A comfort in times like these PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Wednesday, 18 February 2009 23:33

I spoke with by son’s preschool director today.  He has been having recent behavioral issues – hitting yelling.  Fighting. She’s known us for two years. “He’s always been one of the sweetest, smartest boys.” Seems he’s troubled by fears of losing me.  Two serious accidents in 3 months.  A broken back.  x-rays and labs and more x-rays.  Pain. 


I don’t blame him.


He’s having nightmares and as I lay by him to try to comfort him to sleep, my back twitches and sharp pains run through the middle…


We have got to be a comfort to each other during these hard times.

A one of a kind day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Monday, 16 February 2009 21:22

baby BlaineToday has been a one of a kind day.  I haven't had a cry like that in a long time.  I lost my good friend of 11 years.  She's been there for me for longer than anyone.  Through a half dozen moves, at least as many boyfriends.  A new puppy and the death of the best friend I ever had.  A marriage, a baby and now a kid who loves monster trucks.  This is going to sound crazy, but I'm referring to my car.  Little Acura CL - sweet car.  Beautiful, coulda lived another 10 years!  Loved that car. Really, really did. So, I'm mourning a loss.  And why?  Because of a repair shop's negligence.  A bolt in my front caliber was never tightened down.  When my brakes went out, I was alone, and I hit a wall.  Not another car, not another driver, no little boy in the backseat.  And I was ok.  Thank God! 

Time to go shopping for a new car! How lucky am I?!  lol  Perhaps a little sporty car is not the best fit for an arborist?  Hah! Never!

Human Like You PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Sunday, 15 February 2009 12:38


Slippery Limb on Mighty OakI was in an accident.  It was very early.  The roads were blanketed in fresh snow.  I was turning right off Woodward to the 696 service drive - except as I hit my brakes to make the turn, my car didnt stop - or even slow down!  I was going way too fast to try to turn.  That cement wall was coming fast and I was afraid of a side impact and decided my best odds were to hit it head on.  I braced. Smack! The airbags deployed and the windshield glass shattered from the force of impact.  It was quiet and still.  There was very little traffic and no one on the corner at that time.  My car seemed ok.  Beat up, but ok.  Me too.  Shock.


I backed up slowly, with no trouble.  Although the windshield was heavily damaged, it was miraculously clear on the driver’s side.  I did not have my phone with me. No one seemed to see the accident and certainly no one stopped.  I made the decision to drive home.  The trek seemed forever long, I was terrified.  I felt tremendously relieved when I could switch off the ignition and shut the garage door.  How I made it home, I will never know.  But there is a bigger purpose out there.


A few hours later I was sick.  I couldn’t stop throwing up.  It lasted for a solid three hours.  I was crying and feeling like my entire stomach would turn inside out.  Was it the accident?  Or perhaps, it was the release of extreme anxiety.  Most likely, it was a mix of the two.  Physical and mental trauma.  It was the culmination of the realization that I am just as human as the rest of us.


None of us are immune to accidents, to hurt, to physical and mental pain.  There is no need to search for perfection.  It is unattainable and unrealistic.  It is an exercise that is a futile effort of exasperation.  Take my lumps, learn - move on.  It really is all gonna be ok.  We are in this together.  And thus, we are fortunate.  How?  We shall always have each other.

2008 was worth a million dollars PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Thursday, 12 February 2009 15:20

Little glassywing butterfly on milkweed flower in my wildflower garden

I finished my taxes today.  Yeah!  It has been very interesting this year because of becoming a sole-proprietor.  General ledgers, chart of accounts, home office deductions and depreciation schedules!  The good news is that it happens, as if taking one step at a time.  It happens this way and allows for comfortable acclimation.  One thing at a time, I can do it!  It is to be broken down into pieces and assembled slowly, but with precision.  I'm feeling more hopeful than desolate.  Well that sure is a good thing. 

My business did have income last year, and a respectible first year at that I would say.  Just because I didn't make a large profit (or even a medium one lol), doesn't mean the year wasn't worth a million dolllars. 

So, as 2008 has been put to rest, it is time to be truly involved in 2009.

The pursuit of Harmony PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Wednesday, 11 February 2009 20:31

Perennial Sunflower with Honey Bee

All I wanna do is spend my days in harmony with the trees and the world around me.  It seems so simple and truly it is, but it is not so simple to get there!  But isn't that the pursuit we all share, harmony?  Sadly no.  So many have lost their way.  It is not so easy to stay strong amidst adversity.  But it can be done.  There is faltering, but no wavering!  Survive!  Sometimes you have to fight the fight to stay on your way - heading down that dusty road.  It can't all be easy, because where's the challenge in that?   And without challenge, well, that's just plain boring to me!  I say, stand up for what you believe in.  Who you are.  What you want to become.  I will hug my trees!  I will listen to the birds!  I will smell every flower!

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