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Becoming Urban Arbor Care PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn Hughes   
Sunday, 08 February 2009 19:00

tree picIt is time that I must break free from acting as an employee with responsibilities to, and working exclusively under another company and become what I am - an independent contractor. Urban Arbor Care.  It seems scary and daunting to me and I have been too afraid to make the move.  But, I have had to grin it and bear it.  Guess what?  It's not so difficult to do after all.  I will be ok.  This is a growth process.  Part of me - being a great tree, and flowering now too!  I know that I will not have a backlog of business but I invested as well as  I could in my initial growth while I was able to do so in its first year.  I have that reserve behind me.  I have a year of incredible experience that has given me a solid foundation on which to grow.


I have discovered my strengths, which has greatly pleased me.  So many years - my sunshine was hidden behind clouds.  I have a desire to run free.  I want to be able to take my innovative ideas and business style to fruition.  Unrestrained.  I seem to have a knack at the business side of running a business. The finances and reporting come easily and it is like a fun exercise more than a chore.  I have no unsteady influx of desires and ideas.  Which flow seamlessly from mind to pen.   I have found what I love most about being the skilled professional that I know I am.  I enjoy educating, through sharing of my thoughts and experiences.  Gaining confidence to put it on paper.  Writing.  I enjoy problem solving through using a keen eye and mind.  I like expressing the joy that this gives me.  I like to work incorporating physical exercise.  The more vigorous the better, apparently.  It is important to me to keep my mind and body well, because the self can not be well, without both.  There is perhaps no greater joy to me than being in that tree.  Whether it is for work or pleasure, it is always an exuberation.  This is contagious. 



I have discovered my weaknesses, which pushes me to persevere.   My faltering sense of confidence - which gets pulled down for a period occasionally.  What helps overcome this?  The knowing that there is confidence behind me.  If mine is not there, it can shine through.  I have felt this unconditionally from my mentor at times and it is something that I can now draw on.  The utter belief and unmatched faith that a little boy, so powerful as to change the world (even if it is for just one in that world), contains.  And the motivation, from which is aroused.   


I will develop my web presence as a resource for individuals, including other industry professionals, interested in learning more about trees in a practical way.  I offer a personalized experience of the growth of a small town girl, to an arborist living out her dreams.  My passions and pursuits and why.  A place where customers can go to access information that will help them understand their diagnosis, or allow them to ask questions and request additional information.  A fun site to visit to see pictures and a blog of climbing and other tree adventures.  Arboriculture is fun!  What this site is not:  a direct advertisement for any services.  The purpose of my site:  communicate; educate and share. 


It's getting better every day! Urban Arbor Care has an identity.  I couldn’t ask for more.

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