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How to get a good hug PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Tuesday, 05 May 2009 14:17

Life is good.Spring Turtle

It’s hard to believe.

I finally have the things I need


As luck would find it, 

it came my way. 

I never had to look,

but I was always ready.


Doing good,

it comes back again.

And so often does

to make a friend.


The bonds it strengthens

the goodness grows

I don’t know where it will take me,

so I go with the flow.


Confident that it will send me on,

a journey too good to ever plan.


The only way to get a good hug,

is to open your arms and fill them with love.

Keep me Dreaming PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Sunday, 12 April 2009 21:24

The goldfinches are gold again.
Their true colors returned.

But the beauty had been there,
All along and through the gray days.

He had stopped singing his sweet bubbly sound,
But only for Winter, and that has long gone.

So now I hear his energetic seronade.
This is the place where music is made.

Cast me your spell.
And look in my eyes.

I hope you can hear me. 
No sounds though I make.

Longing to utter,
Those long held onto words.

Keeps me dreaming.
And listening to birds.

Paths we Take PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Saturday, 11 April 2009 16:15

Snow GloriesThe Challenges that life might bring;
All have the potential to be like Spring.

From frozen ground hath doth grew
A dainty flower
Pretty fragile, but tough too.

Let us embrace the future,
admire that flower. 
Though uncertain.

Our own paths we create.
Are the same paths that we take.

Chose your adventure wisely.  Always celebrate!


Love Rustles Green PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Monday, 06 April 2009 11:28

Lily of the ValleyThe days have warmed.  Spring - began.  Green grass growing.  But then the snow came back again. 

Not to let us forget the bitter cold.  Nor the moonlight dusted with diamonds and gold. 

This halting, this cool off.  Is just the break to refresh us before this adventure we take. 

But believe me I will be ready to go, back towards warm days that left behind snow. 

Where I want to be really is.  Where leaves rustle green and love knows it exists. 

The sun and the heat.  Butterflies and buzzy bees.  Roses and lilies.  Pleasure for me.

Family of Millions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Dawn   
Saturday, 04 April 2009 21:08

Child holding plant in handsMy dark times are brighter when the sun has its glow. 

Sometimes I'm a fighter.  Some times I don't know. 

Love and Happiness is for what we all strive.  Each and everyone of us deserves a piece of the pie. 

It's not found in bottles, not found on store shelves.  You can't buy it with money, nor deny when it comes. 

So open your arms and let us become.  A family of millions.  A lover of one.

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