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Written by Dawn   
Monday, 23 February 2009 23:15

Belle Isle Conservatory after trimmingThe Belle Isle Conservatory is such a wonderful tropical escape from February.  What a great FREE place to bring the kids.  Let them show you the orange tree with oranges or maybe throw a penny into the fountain and make a wish.  I love the orchids. The main room is what I would describe as houseplants gone crazy - in a good way :) 

So now we get to the fun part.  The trees had gotten out of control.  The trimming needs were beyond what they were capable of handling, so they hired independent arborists to do the job - and I was one of them!  I was on a crew of 4 others, 3 of us climb, 2 were strictly ground crew.  Since I am hurt and couldn't use a pole saw I was limited in what I could do.  Still, I was living an Arborist's dream just being there.   It was hard, strenuous and dangerous work, but an incredible experience.  I think we all had fun!

                     Belle Isle Botanical Society                                                          

The Belle Isle Botanical Society is an awesome organization dedicated to making Belle Isle beautiful.  Thank you to BIBS for making the Conservatory tree trimming project happen!  Please visit their site and consider a membership.





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