The Future of Urban Forestry

Improving the human habitat by promoting backyard Ecology.

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What is an Urban Forest and How Does It Relate to Me?

There are several thoughts on what an Urban Forest is.  It ranges from specific calculations based on population density, to a general term referring to trees and plants found in conjunction with human development.

Either way, by definition, even if you have a modest yard in a city subdivision, you are a part of the urban forest.   Your piece represents a larger and quite significant part of the ecosystem as a whole and the life it sustains.  Every one of us is important, including the trees we love.  Do you realize that the very human race itself evolved along side trees? This leads to the fact that trees are an essential part of our city and suburban habitat.

Losses Due To The Emerald Ash Borer?

Emerald Ash BorerHas your property had loses due to Emerald Ash Borer?  Please see the attached document for great ideas on replacement trees.  These are recommended by the MSU Extension and by their horticultural advisor/diagnostic technician (me!) 
Recommended Alternatives to Ash Trees

Pine Wilt Disease

Pine Wilt DiseaseLearn about the disease called Pine Wilt that is killing pine trees and quickly spreading in our area.  Here is the current research from Michigan State University.
Pine Wilt Facts

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