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Tree health, fruit trees, and permaculture matter! We are here to serve the SE Michigan local area. Protecting tree health as well as yours remains our priority. We provide essential services necessary to protect public health and safety and to support our local food resources.

Our essential services include: Consulting on tree, landscape, and orchard health and safety, management of invasive insects, diseases and plant pests in the landscape and urban orchards, protecting trees from life-threatening pests, protecting and caring for developing tree fruit and permaculture crops using organic products and holistic methods, removing invasive trees and shrubs, pruning dead or hazardous tree limbs, wild mushroom ID and sales, edible mushroom permaculture, backyard hens. Visit these links for more about the COVID response and allowed essential business services:

About UAC

Urban Arbor Care helps heal urban forestry with a hands-on love approach along with the latest science and holistic techniques.